Expenses such as these could be eligible for recovery:

  • cost of testing within your foundation,
  • cost to replace or repair sewer pipes within your foundation,
  • damage to your basement caused by that testing or replacement,
  • cost of repair, replacement or refurbishing any wall, floor, appliance, carpet or item damaged by later water seepage or sewer backup,
  • emotional distress or health problem directly related to the repair or replacement of your sewer pipes or the later seepage of groundwater or sewer backup into your basement,
  • purchase, installation and operation of sump pumps;
  • the testing or repair of your lateral from the foundation wall to the public sewer (IF PRESSURE TESTING ALONE WAS MANDATED FOR THAT OUTSIDE LATERAL), then the cost for the repair and replacement of the outside lateral and the renovation of the ground above it.
  • If home owner abandoned the house rather than test and repair it, damage may be both the value of the building when it was abandoned as well as any emotional distress, moving expenses and cost of replacement housing arising out of that abandonment.